Monday, April 27, 2009

For some reason, almost everything I have ever stressed out about seems trivial today.


Mr. Mind said...

I used to tell my college roommate who was always stressing about shit to step back and realize that each day is just a blink. Imagine how many times you blink in a day, and put that in perspective with your life.

Just quit worrying about shit on the day-to-day and you'll be a way happier person with a full head of non-grey hair.

Granted, he is now a successful lawyer making 120 a year and I'm fighting for a gig that will pay me a fraction of that. But shit, I'm happy. He's still stressing on the daily.

All depends on what you need in life and what you are willing to sacrifice for it.

Dan said...

Well said.

Jennie.Rasche said...

Same here. I've never been able to live in the moment as well as I have lately. It doesn't even detract from the intensity of my goals--something I would have looked at myself like I was crazy for saying just months ago--it puts me at peace with myself in my present.