Friday, April 24, 2009

Ever lose perspective? How do you get it back?


beard-a-matic said...

talk to a headhunter.

things/issues might seem really shitty at your current situation until an outside party trying to make money off of you thinks you're crazy.


o'malley said...

Read something I wrote a year or two ago and recognize that I can write well even though it feels like I haven't recently.

Britta Canon said...

remember in prozac nation where she romanticized the idea of being depressed until she was actually depressed for three years? like, if i'm feeling down, i try and go out and go to the park, or take on a difficult task, even though it's the absolute last thing i wanna do.
or if i'm just feeling off-task or disinterested in a project, i try and romanticize it and conjure it up in my own head, or present the idea to someone whom i suspect will find it interesting, so that their enthusiasm might rub off on me.

if all that fails, i remember that selling the shit out of something or coining a phrase you don't believe in- making someone else think you believe what you are saying- is kind of fun, in and of itself.

Britta Canon said...

@ beard-a-matic-
i love that name.

Anonymous said...

Re-think what's my desired outtake of
- this job
- this agency
- this occupation
- this life

And if what I'm doing doesn't match my desired outtake, change my current approach or change my job/agency/occupation/focus on life.

Anonymous said...

And the person you're in a team with.

Colin Gray said...

Not relevant to the headline, but wanted to say I'm surprised that so few people voted for competency as a source of gravitas.

Jennie.Rasche said...

i take notice as i breathe in and out. it helps me remember that life requires living.