Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You will be judged by your facebook status.


Christopher said...

not to mention the photos posted, quotes mentioned, political views expressed and just about any other information one freely shares about him/herself over the internet. I feel we are entering an age of over-sharing.

asher said...

equal rights for all kangaroos!

Lauren said...

There's no better reference check than a quick gander at an applicant's social networking site.

marques said said...

Marques Gartrell is not comfortable with today's headline.

Jennie.Rasche said...

I am a frequent "over-sharer," a term I hadn't experienced until recently.

As far as the reference check goes for me, everything I share in my live-life (sad that that gets its own qualifier now), on facebook or my blog all represent me.

So do judge me by it, because it is me. My secrets aren't on there, but I won't tell you those unless I ... still probably won't.

I do hope that people take into consideration that if a potential recruiter looks at your facebook he's not looking at your linked in. They're two very different levels of professionalism.

Normally, I'm crazy, loud, over-sharing, Jennie. On linked in, i restrain myself, have a professional picture, the whole works.

I hope there is that understanding on a professional level as well. (Granted I'm never doing anything illegal in my facebook pictures, but there are a few with a cocktail in my hand or striking a glamorous pose, etc.) But that's what you're gonna get if you want me. Not at the office, but it's still me and what I might do on one weekend out of 10 that I go out. Oh how lame.

Too bad I don't have a Kellogg's contract, I would be able to keep it.