Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random tip: How to adjust your side mirrors.

Speaking of peripheral vision, don’t just make it so you can see down the edge of your car from your seat. From the driver’s seat, lean over to your right and adjust the mirror out so you can just see the edge of the car when you’re leaning. That way, when you’re sitting back and driving, your mirror will show your blind spot. Do the same for the left side. You’ll notice a huge difference, especially on the freeway.


:::Cornfed::: said...

Do not do this while the vehicle is in motion, especially on the freeway.

Rusty Broome said...

Did you get in a terrible car accident or something boss? Or are you currently writing a VW owners manuel?

Solomon said...

Rusty, clearly Dan was offering insight on how to safely get into work every day. And that has everything to do with our success in advertising. Right Dan?

Yeah. I'm lost too. VW owners manual it is.

Shana said...

You sound like my dad. His advice is to adjust the mirrors when sitting at a traffic light, so you can test the blind spots with actual cars. Notice I mentioned his advice in the present tense...because he still tells me this every time we're in a vehicle together.

Lauren said...

Can l launch into a tangential mini-tirade here?

How is it, in a institution comprised mostly of people possessing superior visual-spatial skills, that no one can manage to maneuver a motor vehicle into an appropriate parking space?

I mean, they're drawn right on the concrete.

Ok. Maybe I'm a little cranky.

Truzen said...

Rocked it on my 14 hr drive to PA. Totally works. Thanks Dan