Friday, June 13, 2008

Does your family understand what you do (or will do) for a living?


o'malley said...

For the most part they understand what's up. But at the end of the day,they're just happy that I'm getting paid for it.

marques said said...

Absolutely not, no context at all. My grandma was reported telling someone that her "grandson goes to some monkey school in Atlanta."

But they're happy all the same.

Livin'good + Livingwell said...

Dad, yes. Mom, yes, for the most part. Almost everyone else, no clue.

Which will make it even more interesting when my grandmother comes to graduation next week.

Truzen said...

My parents, yeah. I think anybody beyond my immediate family just gives me the quizzical look. I say copywriter and they say "Oh, like law right?". *awkward silence*

Doesn't matter. I'm doing what I love.

:::Cornfed::: said...


Dad often references the show 'Bewitched,' because, "that's what Darrin did for a living." And mom thinks that I walk out onto a set every day to shoot commercials. I imagine both of them sitting on the porch agreeing with one another that their poor son is subjected to money hungry suits, marble floors, high-rise buildings and whatever else Hollywood has drilled into their heads. But they wish for the best and they know that it's what makes me happy (even if I don't show it)

(side story)
I have witnessed the trickle-down effect from all of their assumptions... I was even approached by a family member over Xmas break because he had an idea for a Coke commercial. It was overheard by other family members and therefore I see this Xmas to be no different.

Lucky for me*, the 'rents are visiting for a week over break.


Elizabeth said...

My parents pretty much get it. Although my grandmother was heartbroken to learn that I was not, in fact, going to be a nightly newsachor (an assumption derived from my college graduation announcements from the UGA School of Journalism).

My brother said to me, "So, you just sit around all day thinking of ideas? [Beavis-eque laughter.]" I told him that's not all I do, but yes, sometimes. Then he said, "So, you make, like...$100,000 a year?" I told him yes.