Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Know whom you’re talking to.


Truzen said...

Along the same lines, "Don't patronize". At any level. People aren't stupid and sometimes we (not that we aren't people, but rather acknowledging those who read this in general) forget that.

Example: I use to do computer troubleshooting with a friend of mine. When the customer asked what was wrong, he would go into the technical jargon, leaving the poor person confused, but not willing to admit it. To counteract this, I would describe their computer in general anatomy. CPU became the brain/spine. Memory because short term memory and hard drives long term memory.

Back on point, the level of language and style of your work should always enable people to follow exactly what you are trying to convey.

marques said said...

This post is heavy…man.

This moment of non-heavy brought to you by thankkrichmar.blogspot.com