Monday, March 24, 2008

In a perfect world, ideas are worth more than executions. In the real world, there are clients.

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Truzen said...

Sad but true. I use to look at ads out there in the world and say "What the hell? I could do better than that!" Then I came to the Circus and learned the evils of client controlled content and I sobered a little.

I still think we, collective creatives and clients, can put out amazing work. The clients must realize that we are working with them, not for them. When they sell more products because of our work, optimistically we get a bigger payroll and more clients.

On the flip side, we as the creatives need to understand that the client knows their product inside and out and may even have a fuzzy idea of who might want to use it. We need to keep the "spine" of our creative ideas intact and defend them vigilantly, but allow enough flexibility for the minor details to change.

Defend the heart, the soul of the concept. As long as the message is delivered at the intensity and emotion that you envisioned, you have done your job.