Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you for reading. I need a break.

I started this daily list of ideas in December, 2007. And it was fun for a while. But recently it has been more of a burden.

Thank you, Andy Pearson and Kasia Haupt, for the inspiration to do this. I have learned a lot about the creative process and about myself over the past 432 posts. Thank you, Rusty, Patrick, Alex, Ashley, Elizabeth, Erin, Jackie from New Zealand and everyone else I haven’t named, for reading, caring and following this blog.

Now go create something great for yourself. Make us all proud.

I will still post to this page, just not daily. So don't delete the RSS feed if you subscribe, and come back every couple of weeks.



Condra Design said...

Thanks for the posts, Dan.

Patrick O'Malley said...

You had some great lines in there Dan. The posts will be missed. It's been a great run. But good things must come to an end.

Thanks for being so diligent this long and cheers to the "Headline-whenever-Dan-feels-like-it" Blog. I'll take some sage advice whenever I can get it.

And I'll probably still check it daily. Habits are hard to break.

blacksheepburlesque said...

hey, dan. i'm super-flattered that you'd think to mention to me. ("super-flattered" you can have that. for free.)

Mary K. O'Keefe said...

Thank you for creating this blog Dan.

It was eerie, on some days, how apropos your headline would be for my frame of mind.

I will miss the daily posts. But I'll take a Balserism at whatever increment I can get it.


Ross Cavin said...

Well what the hell are they paying you for now?

Seriously, I rely on this blog in some indescribable way. It just worked for me most days.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving you on my blog roll because there's still plenty of good stuff here. I can always use the inspiration! Thanks for all you do...

simkin said...

Bring it back. Bring it back. The new decade needs headlines.