Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The annual Headline-A-Day Page summer hiatus begins now.


dt said...

Fine. I'll just go back to reading my horoscope every morning.

See you in the Fall.

beardface said...

this is my first annual hiatus. i was not prepared for this.

i think you should consider changing the name to: the headline-a-day-minus-those-pesky-90-days-in-the-slowest-part-of-the-year page.

"what i'm gonna do!"
-from the 2 Brothers ad campaign

Liza Behles said...

what are you, a teacher?

DKells said...

Blog title FAIL.

Mr. Mind said...

give the man a break, he's old.

Anonymous said...

BIG BOOOOOOOOOO. the ole summer vacay copout. at least i get to show off, and have you show off, every thurs. poor, poor, unsuspecting, captive class. 'cept for gus n rachel. they are used to my ridiculousness.