Friday, January 30, 2009

What other windows are open on your computer right now besides this one? (If you are reading this on a mobile device, look up. What do you see?)


dkells said... , , and gmail.

Patio Action Pearson said...

A flock of VW word docs, Entourage, your page in FireFox, iTunes, Preview Adium. Pretty standard.

Rusty Broome said...

between 6 and 10 word docs, IM,, entourage, and itunes

ML said...

Firefox: Gmail, and Gene Weingarten's latest column (he's a humor columnist and reporter for the Washington Post)

Others: iTunes, and some Word docs.

marques said said...

Firefox: Imeem - A Kid Named Cudi
Lotus Notes
Finder: Creative Server, My Shuttle Folder
ABC's of Fallon
Suitcase Fusion

Elizabeth said...

Gmail. Word doc. IM from Jesse.

Lauren Spoto said...

A couple word docs,, itunes, stickies.

I'm also watching my favorite made-for-SciFi Channel movie, Pterodactyl. Starring Coolio.

Patio Action Pearson said...

Dude. Pterodactyl is amazing.

Truzen said...

Webpages: Wordpress for Long's Horseradish, 20+ great Twitter tools, Lemonade: e-commerce for everyone, this blog

Applications: Firefox, Mail, Hardware Growler, Vuze, Dictionary, iStat

Anonymous said...

FFFFOUND! Youtube. Hotmail. Gmail. Msn. aMsn. aMsn conversation history.

Jennie.Rasche said...

Surprisingly only my blog, your blog, and this comment window. Usually at least g-mail, if not that and facebook. It is 5:51AM though. I suck at sleeping.