Friday, December 5, 2008

One year ago today, I started this blog on a whim. Is it time for a change?


Lauren Spoto said...

I want you to keep doing it. But that's completely selfish on my part.

I just know that, when I'm out there in my new jobby-job, this blog would be a way for me to have a little Dan perched on my shoulder. A tiny, cranky, nagging Dan, encouraging me to be a better creative, and a better person.

Or you could just leave me a voicemail every morning.

Whatever's more convenient for you.

Patio Action Pearson said...

It all started with a Great Blog Bonanza of '07. Kasia and I were just looking at the picture that started it all, the other night.

I wholly second Lauren's sentiments. It's a wonderful place to keep up with you and other Circusians. But it also seems to be wreaking havoc on your mental state. So, your call.

Maybe write them in Hebrew? That'd be a change.

kbhaupt said...

"One year ago last night, I got half-drunk and decided the world needed me to start a blog. Yours has sort of become a bigger hit... :( "

Rusty Broome said...

I say we leave the change to Obama, and we keep the blog the same.

Elizabeth said...

I have two compelling reasons for your blog to continue:

A.) There are so many blogs out there that no one - literally not one soul - reads. Yours actually has a fan base. That's saying something.

B.) Every morning, I: 1) get my coffee, 2) check my work email, 3) check my Gmail, and 4) read your blog post. So my mornings, should your blog cease to exist, will be diminished by 25%. You can't argue with that math.

And Happy Blogiversary!

Dan said...

Thank you, morning regulars, for your comments. Hey, come to think of it, the six of us could start an agency that's better than most. But Kasia might have her hands full with this batch of loud, verbose writers.

Andy I want to hug you, just for using the right word, wreaking. You are indeed a writer.

ML said...

The irony is that, in a convoluted way, "wrecking havoc" sorta-kinda makes sense. (And of course, you can wreak havoc by wrecking something.)

Oh yeah - count me among the ranks of those who want the blog to stick around. Every time I hear either "vacuous" or "vapid" I hearken back to it.

RICK said...

Wrecking the spelling of "wreaking" reeks.

Goodfish said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. On behalf of those that read regularly but don't comment all the time, I love the blog. We are so starved for poignant direction and inspiration that your blog is just what the doctor ordered.

DKells said...

A lack of effort would be a shitty thing to regret. -unknown

Keep dropping gems. I love this blog.