Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is an “other-guy” ad really the best thing you can come up with?

An “Other Guy Ad” (as defined by yours truly) is an ad that features either a world without the product or the competitor’s product. So the whole thing is the opposite of the benefit.

I have grown weary of this creative gimmick / technique / crutch / template / default “solution”.


RICK said...

They're like negative political campaign ads. I heard that was one of the main reasons Elizabeth Dole lost in NC.

She spent all of her energy telling people who she wasn't instead of telling them who she was.

Now SHE"S the "other guy." Uh, gal.

ML said...


E. Dole ran an ad accusing Kay Hagen of taking contributions from some group called "Godless Americans PAC." And of being an atheist.

After the ad ran, Hagen's lead actually doubled. Whoops.

So yeah, focus on what you/your product brings to the table. Not how bare the table is without it.

Nat said...

Apparently, yes. When it comes to Honeywell, that is.

But our one-shot is a little kick-ass. Atleast I'd like to think so. :)