Friday, September 19, 2008

What was the highlight of your week?


Patio Action Pearson said...

Having Monica Taylor, one of my CDs, pull me aside when shit was going crazy on our account this weekend and say that she really appreciated how hard I was working and how I was doing a great job. That felt pretty good.

What about you, Dan?

Truzen said...

That would be walking out of panel and having this sense that, while panel itself didn't rock, I definitely had a stronger and more meaningful understanding of what makes a good ad. Just one year in at the school has taught me more than 4 years of at my private college.

That and hitting Taco Mac with along with some other newly upper quarter copywrite crew after panel.

:::Cornfed::: said...

Soul food at Busy Bee's on MLK. Ooh wee.

asher said...

getting internet back after Ike took it away for what felt like years.

clove_art said...

seeing Redman, live, right after panel... pretty good day...

Matt Moore said...

watching the circus graduation. moving.

Dan said...

Okay Andy, let's see.

In the last seven days, I:

• Closed on the purchase of a new home. A great thing, no doubt. But it'll feel a lot better when we sell the one we're living in.

• Gave a speech at Friday's graduation. If you read this blog regularly, you've heard it.

• Presided over the wedding of two Creative Circus copywriting alumni. That was last night, and the weight of the event didn't hit me until a few hours after it was over.

But the highlight of my week was probably wrestling on the carpet with my almost-four-year-old son. That dude is strong, and I have the rug burns and sore back to prove it.

Elizabeth said...

This may be considered cheating, but I'm going to share the highlight of the previous week as my highlight, since it relates more to working in advertising: two of my creative directors came into my office without notice and told my partner and I how impressed they've been with all the "small projects" we've been given lately, and that they thought it was high time we were rewarded. Then they gave us our first ever TV assignment.

I always knew that getting your first truly big assignment would feel good, but it feels even better to know that you haven't just had it handed ot you - you've earned it.

When they left, my partner and I just shut the door and squealed for about 10 minutes. And we finally hung our Christmas lights.

The Lolapalooza Show said...

Here are a few of my recent "highlights of the weeek"from past weeks.
-having a fresh espresso made for me after only 4ish hours of sleep. (pre-panel week- Thanks a million, dan)
-completing a 15 mile bike ride without becoming road kill.
-sitting next to a blazed drunk on a plane ride back to Maine while she told me about her run ins with johnny law. For three entertaining hours.
-getting carded for a rate R movie.