Friday, August 29, 2008

My new approach to email: Twice a day, with a closed door and a hot espresso, I clear out my inbox. Do you have a time-saving trick?


Bryan said...

Here's my new technique.

Step 1: Select all
Step 2: Delete
Step 3: enjoy coffee and a Headline-A-Day.

RICK said...

I don't have a computer.

Rusty Broome said...

How many emails do you get? You don't have to reply to all of the Fake Viagra Ads, just find the one you like.

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes, in order to get work done, I have to physically leave the office and go to a place where the internet is not readily available (i.e., Starbucks, where they charge you $10 to get online). It's the only thing that keeps me from writing inappropriately long comments like this one on the Headline a Day Page and other blogs.