Friday, May 23, 2008

I recently rediscovered the wonderful mental lubricant called Pandora. What’s your favorite mental jump-starter?


MIKE! said... and

SkyMall, too.

Elizabeth said...

Obscure and/or European design and fashion magazines. Even something like Australian or Italian Vogue is such a departure from what we see all the time here in the U.S. that they can often serve as inspiration.

Rusty Broome said...


Truzen said...

Stumble Upon. Though granted it is a mixed blessing and curse.

I've found so many tutorials, images, artwork and ideas that I absolutely love through that little add-on... then I stumble onto a new webcomic with an interesting storyline and a backlog of five years *shakey first of doom!*

Peter Kliefoth said...

Don't think anything has surpassed coffee yet, so i'll stick with that.

As for the anti-mental jump starter, Gchat - the biggest time waster ever, but sooo addicting.

o'malley said...

that and instrumental or foreign language music.

Lauren said...


marques said said...

my wallpaper program Desktoptopia.

updates itself, and randomizes beautiful images, and designs. juxtaposition of things gets the brain going.

also just grabbing a design/photo/illustration mag. flip through it, see something, and let my brain fill in the rest.

Harry said...

I often find music distracting rather than, er...lubricating. It depends on what I'm doing.

Energy Drinks (Rockstar 50% Juice)
Tom Robbins
Spunk and Bite (Arthur Plotnik)
Archive, etc.
Family Guy, Adult Swim