Friday, April 11, 2008

Would you prefer to have total creative freedom at a meager salary, or be paid shitloads of money in an environment run by suits?


Truzen said...

The way I operate right now, total creative freedom. But then again, I am but one person with no dependents and I'm use to living on ramen and peanut butter. But not combined, as I think that might be disgusting.

When I get married/have kids/want to pay for stuntman and helicopter lessons, I might have to shift to the latter, sad as it might be.

RICK said...

Rather get paid shit than create shit.

Bryan said...

I would like to live in the middle. Decent salary, creative freedom and the probability that I will have a job tomorrow.

There is nothing more defeating than a client that kills great ideas. I mean, other than being unemployed.

andy said...

I say creative freedom. (But maybe add in just one dickhead if it means that I have a little extra money for beer.)

Of course, I only say this because I'm naïve enough to hope that that the money would eventually follow too.

asher said...
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asher said...

if it wouldn't affect my book negatively and basically forfeit the opportunity to have total creative freedom at a decent job down the line, i'd go for wads of money now.

only because i'm so in debt and owe my life in student loans. really i couldn't care less about money, i just want the stability of not owing my life to anyone. that would be nice.

then again, the choice to come to the creative circus after yale was basically the choice of creative freedom (and more debt) over potential wads of money, no?

shana said...

my college roommate is an accountant and is making close to 60 thousand in her first year at a firm. i am at the circus, taking out more and more ungodly amounts of cash in the form of unfixed interest loans. i guess that settles that.

i never claimed to be virtuous, though. if i wanted to be creative and poor i'd have a stool on the sidewalk in venice beach.

lauren said...

There are few things worse than being miserable in your workplace.

One of them is abject poverty.

I'm hoping for a happy medium.

Justin said...

I'd rather have total creative freedom now at a meager salary so I can have creative freedom later while getting paid loads of money.

If you start off making tons of money now and have no creative opportunities, you'll never have creative opportunities in the future. It's called golden handcuffs.

Katie said...

Sallie Mae sounds like a naive and barefoot hillbilly girl but in fact they are a ruthless and aggressive conglomeration of bullies located in a tall brick building somewhere in Kansas. I picture it to be the tallest building in that state and I have decided they hire their employees straight out of prison. It scares me."
-David Sedaris

To avoid getting murdered by a little girl, I might take the money early on, but I'd make sure to leave before I got trapped. I think working in the suited world for a bit would make me appreciate the creative freedom more, and would prevent me from thinking money is the greener grass. Plus, the negative experience could someday provide hilarious fodder for in-class/podcast rants.

Rusty Broome said...

If i had total creative freedom, who would i blame the shit work on?
I'll take the money.