Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Never fall in love with your own ideas. Your objectivity is way more important.


Lauren said...

"Preciousssss. My Precioussssss."

Yanno. Since we're on the movie thing.

Truzen said...
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asher said...

i agree.

but at the same time, sometimes a solution just feels right. and david carson's second book, "2nd sight" did a good job of convincing me that that 'rightness' is grounded in something. intuition isn't without a concept, necessarily. it's just without one you can verbalize or even make sense of.

sometimes i think the things that just feel right are more successful and harder to come by/create than the things that you can spell out why they work.

but that's just my opinion, i could be wrong.

Truzen said...

Note: I do take note of my typos after I publish (through I try to proof beforehand) and am often conflicted as to whether I should grammar Nazi myself and strive to a higher plane of writing or if this is a forum of openness and acceptance of human nature. I'll go with the prior as a statement of professionalism.

The way that I dissuade myself from a piece that I've fallen in love with is to walk away, write absolute gibberish (tacos seem to be a good source of absurdity) and come back to it. I then realize that any person who can write an ode to tacos can have periods of brilliance and write something profound and it's just by chance that the muse has chosen me.

Matt Moore said...

if my ideas were half as cool as i was they would be 269% cooler than everybody else's ideas.

Liza Behles said...

how many times did you write this one?