Friday, January 18, 2008

How long do you you think you could go without a computer?

My Mac is fried. It can’t connect to the internet, some apps won’t open, and it restarts from sleep instead of waking up. I wonder if I could just ditch the whole computer thing and go some silicon version of vegan.


Lauren said...

I have a cave wall and some wildebeest blood you can borrow till you're up and running again.

You never think it can happen to someone you know. This is a wake-up call, really.

Truzen said...

Hey Dan,
Shot you an email offering my limited technically services for free. Now that I think about it though, I feel kinda silly cause you would probably go to Q first, but my offer still stands whenever you need it.

To answer the question, I think I would definitely get more stuff done. I got a stack of books I've been wanting to read, magazines to catch up on, and lots of sunshine I'm missing out on.

Will-i'm said...

Mac:0 PC:1