Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Expectations suck.


marques said said...

Amen…I mean Shalom. Truer words have never been spoken.

Rick & Marcel said...

Expectations plant little seeds in your brain that grow into a sense of entitlement. And that's the worst thing a creative can be burdened with.
Expectations only set you up for failure or at least put you in grave danger of joining the ranks of the jaded.
We kill jaded creatives with a machetes for fun.

livingood-livingwell said...

They really are a Catch-22.

If they're low, you're not motivated to work. No one is counting on you to succeed. So what's the point?

If they're high, nothing is ever good enough. It's all anticlimactic. All your time and toil were in vain.

Open mind, good. Expectations, bad.

Rachel said...

My motto is- Expect the worst but hope for the best.

andy said...

At the beginning of last quarter in that writer/designer class Ron said something really proud that really stuck with me:

Lower your expectation. Raise your standards.

Liz said...

Expectations kill your ability to enjoy surprises. Life would be so boring if you always got what you expected.