Friday, December 28, 2007

What’s more important, ads or asphalt? Why?


andy said...

Asphalt. As the old trucker saying goes, If you bought it, a trucker brought.

The backbone of our economy is firmly--and usually under-appreciatedly--built on our highway system. It is incredibly important for the livelihood of our market and is the major factors in the difference between developed and undeveloped countries.

People would still be able to buy things without our ads. They wouldn't have anything to buy without the DOT's asphalt.

Hunterino said...

Somebody had to sell asphalt to the people first. Otherwise the cobblestone guys might have a monopoly.

Marques said said...

Deep one. Might have to air on the side of Ads.

As self satisfying as it may have initially seemed my attempts to combat that belief were hard. If one of the strongest aspects of our economy has been competition to lead to innovation. I'd have to grant a great deal of credit to public promotion of products.

Potholes suck more than Head-On commercials.

Dan said...

Always keep your ego in check, because at the end of the day a road without potholes is better than any ad.