Monday, December 17, 2007

Tag lines that contain the word “life” make me want to end mine.


Liz Cartwright. said...

That's my number one tag line pet peave. There's no better to make a product seem completely shallow by trying to sound deep. Gag me.

Marques said said...

Really? Life does suck but at least it can have a different context.

I think the most deplorable words in taglines are "for" and "because". "For" is like a velvet rope to a product, and I don't ever remember looking at an ad and saying "Aww man I wanna be like that, let me go buy 7 of these fuckers."

And "because," don't even get me started on that one. I always look to ads for directions on life. Thank God for your strong sense of logic and reason.

Rick said...

Because lifers live for life.

Damn that's good copy.

Marques said said...

Print it!

it's me, ron said...

life is short. stay awake for it? life isn't short; death just lasts a really long time. life is already spicy, rich....AND IN 3-D!!!

Steve Nathans said...

Yeah, that and "solutions."

But the worst tag line I've seen yet is "We're Hertz. They're not." I can just picture the copywriter who came up with that exclaiming, "Oh my god, I've got it!"

Probably a PC grad.